President Uhuru has issued new guidelines that will manage the operation of bars and restaurants in the wake of coronavirus cases upsurge.

In an announcement on Wednesday, President Uhuru directed that all bars and restaurants allowed to operate should be closed to the public by 9 PM.  

He added that all hotels, restaurants, eateries, and alcohol selling establishments should stick to the Covid-19 guidelines in accordance with the ministry of health.  

During the announcement, President Uhuru revised the curfew hours from 11 PM to 10 PM. He stressed the importance of enforcing the new guidelines to beat the virus.  

His sentiments come after the cases spiked in the country by at least 140% in just one month.  

The spike was linked to increased political activities and the reopening of entertainment joints. 

The Head of Stated further hinted that if the cases accelerate, the government will have no option but to implement localized lockdowns.  

President Uhuru was speaking after hosting the sixth summit on Curbing the virus in collaboration with the Council of Governors. 

The summit resolved that the private sector, alongside the government, should cooperate and implement the ‘No Mask, No Service’ mandate in their establishments.