Former Governor Mike Sonko has claimed that he has not been served with a restraining order in relation to Governor Anne Kananu. 

On Friday 26, 2021, Governor Kananu obtained a restraining order to stop Sonko from further publication of defamatory writings and video/audio recordings on her.

She had moved to court after Sonko released a series of video and audio recordings accusing her of colluding with other persons to destroy his political career and eventually remove him from office.

"Respondents by themselves are hereby restrained by an order of temporary injunction from further writing, printing, publishing, circulating, disseminating or causing to be written, printed, published, circulated, disseminated in any manner whatsoever any, audio and/or video recordings, words and statements that are defamatory and/or disparaging in any manner whatsoever to the Applicant," ordered Justice Nyaga.

In a rejoinder, Sonko said he had not been served with the order but rather saw news alerts. 

Image of Nairobi governor Anne Kananu during Swear-in at KICC grounds on November 15.[Photo: County Government of Nairobi]

The Governor hinted that he would release more leaks despite the court order being issued. 

"I have not been served with any court order mpaka sai. Hizi ndio zile masa zetu zakupost. Nimeamua kama ni mbaya ikue mbaya. Hii inakuja ni noma sana hebu muconfirm kama all the kids wamelala. I will go by the majority," Sonko tweeted. 

Sonko was summoned by the Judicial Service Commission(JSC) on Thursday, November 25, to testify against Justice Said Chitembwe.

Image of High Court Judge Justice Said Juma Chitembwe during JSC vetting of Chief Justice on April 2021. [Photo: Courtesy]