Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna was on Friday night bashed by Kenyans on Twitter after saying that Kenya is by far worse than Canada in all aspects of life.

In a tweet addressed to ODM and Jubilee loyalists, Miguna said that his wanting to return to Kenya is not because it's better than Canada.

He added that coming to Kenya is his absolute right and that's why he has to come back.

"To ODM cows and Jubilee cowdungs: I'm not determined to return home because Kenya is better than Canada. Far from it. Kenya is worse than Canada in all categories of life. I'm determined to come home because it's my absolute and irrevocable right. Period," he said.

[Miguna Miguna]

Following his remarks, netizens took him to task telling him off and asking him to stop fighting hard to return to Kenya.

@AbalzamTuke Too much talk, as if you can solve your problems in this lane.

@arthurnixon244 Let's exchange I give you my citizenship and you give your Canadian one. But I know you will bring Law citation that citizenship can't be transferred or exchanged.

@TonnyRah N why would you want to be governed by cowdungs in the first place if canada is that goodFace with tears of joy

@kalifrajes Bwana the weather in Kenya is better.

@oakalls Kenya is beautiful. Talk to the tourism industry and they will give you numbers of Canadians visiting the country yearly. What is the amount of cash and energy have you used in trying to access this country that you despise? You realize that you have not been uncomfortable

@peter_tukutela This how frustrating things can be. To the point you disown your motherland. Period. Don’t quit

@Robert_Njangiru I don't see "determination to come home." What you are doing is a determination not to be allowed back home by the so called "deep state".

@daniel_ayuen Dear Gen , you seems to be against one of the most effective military strategies . You can't be opposed to the both sides of the divide and expect a victory . The use of military allies and counter-insurgency helps organize armies win 50% of the war ....You need one

@kevinkituyi3 We have wildlife that Canada doesn't have, Kenya is better than Canada in so many aspects of life. Just a reminder, this poor messed up country will always be your home, something you can never write off from your heart. That's why it pains you to be away. Home is waiting for you.