Former Mukuruweini MP Kabando wa Kabando has weighed in on Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga's prediction that Deputy President William Ruto will floor the ODM leader Raila Odinga in the 2022 polls.

The Former CJ in an interview with a local media said he is certain, based on current trends, that Ruto will win the 2022 polls; a prediction that has attracted criticism from a section of Kenyans.

In a statement on his Twitter page, Kabando said the prediction is not farfetched because opinion polls have proved so too.

{Former Mukuruweini MP Kabando Wa Kabando. Image: Courtesy}

He also said he is of the same view and further asked Kenyans to stop attacking the former CJ for speaking the truth as it is, at least for now.

"My pal @WMutunga spot @WilliamsRuto will beat @RailaOdinga if the election was today. Credible pollsters have said it too. I share this view. So stop trolling CJ emeritus for simply airing a prediction. Raila's team should find out impact of #RailaInNyeri," he said.

The former MP, however, said a lot will change ahead of the 2022 polls considering that it is several months away.

"253 days is a long long time in politics. A day in politics is eternity. New issues will jell. Dynamics will shift, and shift again. Ruto is rebranding, spreading self while #RailaOnTheMountain is mostly propelled by self-seekers who had branded him a monster, evil. Chicanery," he added.

Kabando further challenged presidential aspirants to focus their energy on how they will tame corruption and grow the economy.

According to him, no economic plan or model will succeed in Kenya if presidential aspirants will not focus their energy on eradicating corruption that is wounding the economy.

The former MP expressed his displeasure on how presidential aspirants have been keen on winning the Mt Kenya votes instead of drafting a strategy to eliminate the big elephant in the room that is corruption.

"Anyone not pledging to crash the biggest problem in Kenya, Africa, which is corruption is just on a mirage. Front gunners for Presidency 2022 fear inviting ire of DeepState. They are all about climbing a mountain for votes but not ending impunity, graft," he said.