President Uhuru Kenyatta's State of the Nation Address on Tuesday, November 30, at Parliament couldn't go without its fair share of drama.

From the President himself complaining about his long speech to Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa making humorous comments on the Jubilee government performance, former National Assembly majority leader and Garissa Town MP Aden Daule was also caught in the mix.

While reacting to President Uhuru's address, the Former Majority Leader was unaware that the Head of State was passing where he was criticising him from while addressing the media.

{President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Parliament ahead of his State of the Nation address. Photo: Courtesy}

In a video by Nation, the MP appears caught pants down after finally seeing the President and his entourage pass near him, so much so, that he is unable to complete his statement forcing the reporter to urge him to carry on.

"The president went overboard. First of all, he came at 3:45 pm contrary to the 2:30 pm timeline set for the legislature. So what the President did today was to abuse the legislature. The President went further and attacked the Judiciary who participated in the BBI case judgement. Some of them were at the gallery," Duale was saying, sees the president passing, holds his tongue for seconds and after the president walks away he continued: "Judge Musinga was at the gallery".

Here is the Video Courtesy of Nation:

In all appearances, the President seemed unaware of Duale's presence along his path; leave alone his knowledge of the MPs criticism

The reaction by the MP sparked massive reactions among Kenyans on social media.

"Have you guys seen that footage of Aden Duale bad-mouthing Uhuru on LIVE television, only for Uhuru to pass by the place and when Duale saw him the guy got tongue-tied, his mouth flapping with no words coming out and had to be calmed down by the interviewer? Bwana we have so many Big Mouth Bazu out here," Gabriel Oguda wrote on Facebook.

Hiram Gachugi on his part said: "Dude immediately lost network and no amount of prompting by the interviewer could save the train wreck that was his previous train of thought".

Mosdef Apollo wrote: "He might have heard an imaginary Subaru sound in his head too. Bwana from either the bottom brigade or the up bottom side, no one wants problems".

Rodger Katana added: "Remember the president paused for some few minutes during Maghufuli's burial, It happens when distracted. Duale is human".