President Uhuru Kenyatta's personal assistant Jomo Gecaga has finally agreed to settle the case involving Sh950,000 rent arrears with former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero.

The case that was before a Nairobi court will now be settled out of court.

The two parties are set to appear in court next week Wednesday to confirm whether they will have agreed on how to settle the matter.  

Gecaga made the application of settling the case out of court, and Magistrate Edgar Kagoni granted them two weeks to formalize their terms of the settlement. 

If the judge is satisfied with the terms, then the matter will be withdrawn. 

Previously, Kidero had filed a suit to evict JSTA Ltd linked to Jomo's father Udi Gecaga Gem Suites Riverside apartments that cost $5000 (Sh540,000) monthly. According to court documents, Jomo was the occupant of the apartment. 

According to Kidero’s filings, the court should intervene and salvage the rent situation noting that it would be embarrassing to direct auctioneers to confiscate Jomo's property.  

The row was triggered by a notice seeking to pay the halved rent of Sh250,000 beyond September to December and a push to forgo paying an additional lease fee of Sh950,000. 

Udi had requested the Kideros to extend the offer for paying half rent to December, arguing that the cash flow in the family business had weakened due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, Kidero rejected their request. 

 Kidero noted that out of courtesy, they extended an olive branch to JSTA by first applying the security deposited by JSTA of 1,084,900 to settle the rental arrears. 

On September 11, JSTA sought a further reduction in rental payment to Sh250,000 as the rental amount for September through December 2020. GemInvest rejected the request.