Deputy President William Ruto is an astute politician.

In every situation, he appears tactical and knows when to retreat.

It was not different of him during the Jamhuri Day celebrations held at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, on Sunday, December 12.

In his address, DP Ruto deemed it fit to make his signature political slogan 'Kazi ni Kazi" part of his speech.

While giving an excerpt from the national anthem, the DP truncated it and added the slogan, perhaps making it clear he won't back down on what he believes in.

"Every citizen can proudly sing our national anthem and say Natujenge taifa letu ee ndio wajibu wetu. Kenya ipate heshima tuungane pamoja kazini, kila siku tuwe na shukuranI tukijua Kazi ni Kazi," he said.

That aside, despite heaping praise to President Uhuru Kenyatta for his development record in his address,  the DP was not recognised in the Head of State's speech.

On the contrary, the Opposition chief and his fierce competitor in the 2022 race Raila Odinga was highly mentioned so much so that President Uhuru breached protocol to usher him to the podium to address Kenyans.

The President said Raila played a key role in the refurbishment of the Uhuru Gardens which was given a new face in honour of the role it played in Kenya's independence struggle.

He also maintained that the BBI agender remains a dream deferred and that it must happen.