The government has closed four restaurants within Nairobi CBD for violation of the Covid-19 guidelines.

The closure comes as the state intensified the fight to control the health crisis.  

The four restaurants, including Hot Dishes and Petma, have been ordered to shut down through public health officials. 

A spot check of Hot Dishes shows that there is minimal social distancing among staff and customers. Furthermore, some customers were spotted either wearing their masks wrongly or not having any.  

As customers enter the facility, there are no temperature checks as required by the ministry of health guidelines.  

Recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta called on the private sector to help the government implement the ‘No mask, no service’ rule.  

Besides violating the coronavirus regulation, Hot Dishes has been on the spot before over hygiene concerns. 

This after the facility was hired for outside catering services during a wedding last year, an event that resulted in a cholera outbreak. Ten people from the event were hospitalized, with one succumbing.  

In his address to the nation, President Uhuru Kenyatta singled out bars and eateries as emerging weak points for the spread of Covid-19 cases.  

The head of state, therefore, called on the facilities to observe all the regulations. All eateries were ordered to close by 9 pm in line with the revised curfew hours from f 11 pm to 10 pm.  

Like most parts of the globe, Kenya has witnessed a surge in coronavirus cases leading to a revision of containment measures.  

In his address, President Uhuru noted that if the cases continue surging, he will be forced to restore original containment measures.  

Upon easing the containment measures, Kenya recorded a growth of 140% in new infections.  

By press time, Kenya’s total caseload was 59,595, with about 37,000 recoveries countrywide.