There was drama at Quiver Lounge along Thika Road after police officers raided the establishment over violation of curfew hours.

According to CCTV footage, police officers can be seen chasing and clobbering revelers who were scampering for their safety.  

Police can also be seen destroying equipment and utensils at the establishment during the rampage.

The recording indicates that the club was operating past 9 pm when all eateries and entertainment joints should have been closed.  

Speaking to the press, the facility staff stated that all customers had already cleared, claiming that the officers had a different plan.  

It is alleged that the officers went ahead and assaulted the bouncers who were attempting to secure the premise from further damage.  

According to the staff, property worth Sh600 000 was damaged during the incident.  

“They broke utensils, they beat us destroyed the system. They even beat up the bouncers,” said one staff member 

The matter has been reported at the Kasarani Police Station.  

Since launching a few months ago, the lounge has become popular along Thika Road, attracting revelers from different parts of the city. 

Before revising the curfew hours from 11 pm to 10 pm, President Uhuru Kenyatta cited that entertainment joints were emerging as the weak to curb Coronavirus's spread.  

Over the weekend, police officers from different parts of the country launched a crackdown on entertainment joints violating the Covid-19 guidelines.  

Notably, most revelers were arrested while hiding in bars to beat the curfew time.  

According to the police, more than 1,000 people were arrested in the operations and are scheduled to appear in court on Monday. 

There were operations in major towns of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV: