Nairobi Metropolitan Services General Director Mohammed Badi has fired back at Governor Mike Sonko over garbage collection in the city. 

This is after Sonko, claimed that Badi was sleeping on the job with heaps of garbage littering the city.  

Through a sarcastic post, Sonko shared a heap of garbage in Pipeline Estate while congratulating Badi for doing a good job.  

In the post, Sonko referred to Badi as Saddam Hussein, the former Iraq President. 

"Nairobi Super Governor who is also the President of the Republic of Kenya and commander in chief of Defence forces Uhuru Kenyatta and Saddam Hussein really overworking in Pipeline Embakasi South Constituency. Keep up with the good job," said Sonko. 

However, in response, Badi through the NMS stated that the current garbage menace was due to sabotage from Sonko's team. 

"As saboteurs and detractors heap garbage on timelines, NMS and the people of Nairobi desirous and fully cognizant of their role in a clean environment are at work each day 3000 tonnes against meager kilos collected in the past closer to a clean city, a green city," NMS stated. 

Since the enactment of the NMS, General Badi and Sonko have been at loggerheads over the control of the city. Garbage collection has been the main point of contention between the two parties.  

In a previous statement, NMS disclosed that it had increased its daily garbage collection capacity from 1,000 tonnes to 3,000 tonnes across Nairobi. 

Badi embarked on a mission to turn the city green, and he engaged the NYS to help in solving the garbage crisis.

Most importantly, Nairobi estates are among the most affected by the garbage problem. 

Notably, Sonko has claimed that he signed the deal to hand over power to NMS while under the influence of alcohol.