A section of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and the newly-formed Kenya Union Party (KUP) supporters are headed into a collision over destructing of UDA symbols in West Pokot County. 

Supporters of KUP allied to Governor John Lonyangapuo have been bringing down UDA wheelbarrow symbols erected in various parts of the county. 

UDA supporters now believe their KUP counterparts are behind the destruction after Lonyangapuo stated that he doesn't want the wheelbarrows anywhere within his area of jurisdiction. 

"Where have you seen any posters, billboards, or any other symbols of KUP in this county? The season to do all this is still far

"That is why we have told the UDA people not to bring those wheelbarrow symbols in West Pokot until it is gazetted," Lonyangapuo said.  

The vandalization of UDA symbols was a conversation until recently when one man was shot with an arrow while trying to bring down an erected wheelbarrow. 

{ Erected UDA wheelbarrow symbol in Kiptagich, Kericho County}

Reacting to the new development, West Pokot sub-county deputy county commissioner Kennedy Lonalo warned youths against engaging in early political campaigns. 

“We will not spare anyone who will engage in hooliganism,” he said. 

As earlier reported, Lonyangapuo banned idling in towns within the West Pokot county. 

The county boss noted that most locals have a tendency to leave home early then spend time idling in towns. 

"Idleness is going to be our immediate enemy in the coming times. People just spend their days chewing gum and eating maize around 

"You find upright and idle people rotating here the whole day but they cannot point a finger at what they did of value," Lonyangapuo said.