Four Police officers and a bar owner in Kakamega have been arrested over the murder of a man identified as Raymond Lubango Mulanda.

Their arrest comes about 2 years after the alleged murder.

Kakamega Principal Magistrate, Eric Malesi on Friday ordered for their arrest and that they be charged with murder after a court inquest revealed that the five tortured Mulanda to death.

They include; Senior sergeant Michael Cherugut, and constables Duncan Wafula, Francis Kayemit and Juma Musa and Dennis Rosana, the proprietor of Balozi Bar in Kakamega.

The inquest found the police report to be contradictory to what the autopsy report by the government pathologist said as the cause of the victim's death.

”The pathologist who looked at the cause of Mulanda’s death concluded that the multiple internal injuries he suffered on the head were not consistent with motion trauma as the officers in question testified," stated Principal Magistrate Malesi.

According to one of the police officers, the deceased resisted arrest forcing him and his colleague on the beat, to call for reinforcement from the police station.

“A police vehicle came and the suspect agreed to board the vehicle, only for him to jump out of the van on the way to the police station,” added the officer.

The officers had responded to a distress call by Rosana who reported that one of the patrons (Mulanda) had become rowdy and was causing disturbance to other revelers.

The principal magistrate in his ruling noted that there were little chances that the multiple internal head injuries suffered by the deceased and including a burst testicle were caused by jumping from the police vehicle as alleged by the officers.

Malesi called out the officers for their brutality and inhuman behaviour.

“In a twist of fate for the four officers, they are currently guests of the state at the same police station they served, as detectives based in Kakamega central process them for arraignment to answer to murder charges,” said DCI.