Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe has said that the party will soon endorse ODM leader Raila Odinga for president in the August 9 General Elections. 

Speaking in Murang'a, Murathe explained that the party has settled on the former Prime Minister for the top seat because it has no presidential candidate.  

"We will hold a National Delegates Conference where you all know that our party leader is President Uhuru Kenyatta

"At that NDC, we shall ask our delegates to pass a resolution that our Presidential candidate be Raila Amollo Odinga under the Azimio La Umoja movement," he said. 

{Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe and ODM leader Raila Odinga PHOTO/COURTESY}

In December 2021, Murathe explained how Jubilee was working closely with ODM to make Raila clinch the presidency in the upcoming polls.  

The Jubilee VC noted that the party had plans to form a coalition with ODM following a positive performance as a result of the handshake.  

"The message of our party in collaboration with our potential partners in the future, because we are going to form a larger coalition going forward, would be stability and the unity of this country for the prosperity of Kenya," he told the press. 

His statement came a week after saying that Mt Kenya leaders would embark on a journey to reverse lies they said against Raila in the previous elections.  

“We, the people you are seeing here, we went to Central with lots of lies and propaganda. We will go back there and unlock the propaganda,” Murathe said.