A train breakdown on Tuesday morning l

ed to hundreds of commuters being stranded at Donhom Area, Nairobi.

The passengers were on their way to the city centre when they experience a breakdown.

The situation forced many of them to wait for engineers to arrive so that they can sort the mess.

Pictures from the scene showed many Kenyans standing out of the train waiting for the situation to be addressed.

A section of Kenyans took to social media to raise concerns about the stalling of the train urging Kenya Railways to invest in better infrastructure.

"KenyaRailways_ this is not good at all. Your train has stuck at Donholm inconveniencing many commuters. When will this end surely? Invest in modern train engines to avoid these future letdowns," a Kenyan raised concern on social media.

The Kenya Railway train has been marred with several breakdowns that have left many commuters delayed while in pursuit of their daily goals.

{Passengers stranded after trained stalled. Image: Courtesy.}

Some of the railway lines have been affected by unscrupulous businessmen who steal them for sale as scrap metals.

The rising cases of theft saw president Uhuru Kenyatta impose a ban on scrap metal to avert more damages as the government works on modalities of restoring order in the sector.