The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion has divulged that the union’s property is being auctioned due to rent arrears.

Speaking to Nation, Sossion urged the government to intervene, adding that the union is in the process of shutting down its offices countrywide due to financial constraints.

In a letter to Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui, Sossion has urged the latter to intervene and help Knut restore its former glory.

Sossion wants the Ministry to help Knut restore its membership which has been dwindling over the years, arguing that with limited membership, the union is unable to raise funds for its operations.

“All these matters have remained unresolved to date and your office has gone quiet about it, whereas the TSC has continued to cripple the operations of Knut by attacking the check-off system, hence systematically and gradually diminishing the resources of the union,” Sossion’s letter read in part as quoted by Nation.

Sossion Accuses TSC of Frustrating Knut

Sossion accused the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of frustration the union’s efforts by failing to remit agency fees, which is usually paid to unions to cater for teachers who are not members.

“The actions by TSC have led to wrangles in the union, crippled operations, meetings, training and programmes, with a constant clandestine messaging from TSC urging Knut to change its leadership in the office of the secretary-general for the check-off to be reinstated.

“We have been patient for too long but not any more. The employer can never determine the secretary-general of a union by operating outside the law… Exercise your mandate and stop the TSC from meddling with the affairs of Knut,” Sossion added.