President Uhuru Kenyatta is today set to address a joint session of the National Assembly and Senate in what is referred to as the State of the Nation Address.

Kenyans are eagerly waiting for the address and are hopeful that the President will focus on a number of issues that affect their day to day lives.

Some of the key issues Kenyans expect Uhuru to address include:

BBI Constitutional Amendment Push

Kenyans are expecting President Kenyatta to issue a pronunciation on whether there will be further amendments to the BBI report or not. Over the past week, the media has been awash with claims of amending the BBI report to include new proposals from several factions.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The cases of Covid-19 have been increasing with the number of deaths also increasing. Kenyans are expecting the president to address the issue and provide any updates regarding the vaccine and way forward for the country.

Economic Stimulus programme

Most of the initiatives rolled out by the government to cushion the economy have slowly been withdrawn, yet the virus is still with us, leaving thousands of families suffering. Kenyans are eagerly waiting for the president to address the issue and probably announce new economic stimulus packages.

Fight against Corruption

Over the past months, a number of scandals that led to loss of billions have been unearthed in the country, but no big fish has been successfully convicted. Kenyans are hoping that the president will address this issue and shade more light on how his government is tackling the run-away corruption in the country.


The school calendar was messed up by the Covid-19 pandemic and to date 90% of students are still at home. Kenyans are hoping that the president will issue a clear road map on re-opening of schools and how students will recover the lost time.