A latest report has indicated that the Kiambu county government spent at least KSh 19.52 million on airtime and data bundles alone. 

According to the financial audit for the Kiambu executive for 2019-20, the county government could not account for the expenditure.  

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu noted that the money might have been embezzled as the county government failed to produce key documents including electronic tax receipts. 

The report further exposed several unaccounted for expenditures, huge pending bills, exaggerated cost of goods and services and stalled projects estimated at KSh 1.3 billion. 

{Ex-Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu, State Department of Housing and Urban Development PS Charles Hinga and serving Kiambu Governor James Nyoro PHOTO/COURTESY}

However, Governor James Nyoro has since dismissed the report as outrageous, stating that the people pushing it have a political agenda with the August 9 General Elections ahead. 

"The people who are pushing this have a political agenda. I'm told and I want to say that between now and Friday, they want to serialize Kiambu, Nyandarua, Nakuru and Laikipia counties

"That is what they have planned and of course, you know the reason, because we are in a political dispensation that is different from the others," he said.  

Earlier, the county boss has claimed that issues raised in the Auditor General's report including payments of airtime happened before he took over from ex-governor Ferdinand Waititu. 

"I was sworn into office as Governor on the 31st of January 2020, six months after the Financial Year of 2019/2020 had already kicked in and much of the budgetary programmes already factored in the previous administration," Nyoro said.