There was drama in Nairobi's Lang'ata area after a stray warthog from the Nairobi National invaded a local mini supermarket.  

Upon spotting the animal, there was a commotion from stunned shoppers who ran for their safety. A video circulating online shows some shoppers struggling to catch a glimpse of the animal from a safe distance.  

Fortunately, an officer from the Kenya Wildlife Service arrived at the scene immediately and tranquilized the animal. Unlike previous experiences, shoppers and onlookers did not harm the animal.  

The animal was successfully repatriated back to the national park. 

The latest incident adds to the growing number of animals straying from the park to residential areas posing a great wildlife-human conflict risk.  

Notably, overpopulation and encroachment on the park land forces animals to seek refuge within the human population.  

  The situation has further escalated with the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway through the park.

Environmentalists believe that the train movement scares away the animals forcing them to encroach on neighboring residential areas.  

Towards the end of last year, a hyena was spotted strolling past a residential area in Lang'ata, prompting the KWS to take action. 

Around August the same year, three mature lions were spotted on Rongai town's outskirts, sparking fear among the residents. 

To curb injuries to humans, KWS has increased surveillance with residents provided with an emergency number to report stray wildlife cases.  

  "In case of further wildlife sighting, we request that you call our toll free line, 0800597000 for records and follow up," says KWS on any animal citings.  

However, the service has come under scrutiny in the past for killing stray animals instead of tranquilizing them. Notably, the killing of 'Mohawk,' a popular lion, sparked outrage among conservatives.