President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday delivered his much-anticipated State of the Nation Address.

Kenyatta gave a report on the State of Kenya, achievements, and the future of the country. 

The Head of State directed the Ministry of Education to issue reopening days for all students in January 2021.

"The Ministry of Education will, within 14 days from the date hereof announce the 2021 Academic Calendar, with all other classes expected to resume learning in January 2021," Kenyatta stated. 

On the progress of issuing Title deeds, he stated: "During my administration, 4.5 million titles have been issued since 2013 as compared to 6M issued from 1963 to 2013...We are digitizing all the land records. This national endeavor is anchored under the National Land Information Management System (NLIMS)."

Kenyatta also announced that that the roll-out of Huduma Namba cards with its full benefits is on course and appointed Immaculate Kassait as data Commissioner for six years to oversee Huduma Namba and all data.

The President issued an executive order for the construction of a modern national mental hospital while elevating Mathari to be a semi-autonomous, specialized hospital.

On matters of youth, the Head of State said his Government's objective was to shift the young people from being earners of wage to owners of capital. 

The President capped his speech by stating, "Fellow Kenyans, like Moses in the Bible who sat at the top of Mt. Nebo and saw the future that the people of Isreal were about to cross into the promised land, I too have seen our future." He then submitted five reports to the House."