Deputy President William Ruto gave away carts, bodabodas, t-shirt printing machines, shoe shining booths and wheelbarrows to young people in support of their business ventures. 

Photos posted by the DP's communications team indicated that Dr Ruto was on the move to support business done by various young people in Kenya.

This comes after he faced a backlash from political circles for what he termed as "wheelbarrow economics".

His political nemesis ODM leader Raila Odinga challenged Dr Ruto to give the youth his chopper to use instead of the single-wheeled carts.

However, Dr Ruto supported his so-called 'wheelbarrow politics', explaining that it is an equipment used in various ways by different Kenyans.

He further opined that although some politicians reprimanded him for giving out wheelbarrows, it was a tool with the potential to change the lives of millions of poor Kenyans.

Here are photos from the event