Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has announced that the collection of signatures for the Building Bridges Constitutional Amendment push will commence next week.

Addressing the media outside his Capitol Hill offices, Odinga noted that from next week, the BBI team will traverse the country to collect the one million signatures that will later be submitted to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as stipulated in the Constitution.

He affirmed that the BBI train has already left the station and as such, there is no room for making changes to the document.

 “We will be doing the launch of the signature collection sometimes next week. We want that exercise to be done as soon as possible so that the matter can be handed over to the electoral commission, and then we can move towards the next phase of a referendum .

“This matter, as already mentioned before, should be concluded by latest April next year. That is where we are as far as BBI is concerned,” he said as quoted by Citizen.

Odinga on calls for amendment of BBI

Regarding different groups that have been requesting for amendment of the BBI report, Odinga noted that the BBI taskforce collected views in the country for a period of two years, adding that those crying foul should have submitted their proposals then.

“People have had the opportunity to talk about all those issues, two years now. The clergy had their opportunity. This is a democratic society. They are entitled to their views. We go by the view of majority of our people,” he said.