There was drama at a Busia Family on Saturday after a man presumed dead and buried resurfaced four months after his said funeral.

His family was shocked he Steve Ogolla came back on Saturday with his elder brother Steven Ouma fleeing home claiming that he had seen a ghost.

Ouma did not understand how his brother ‘resurrected’ since his alleged body had been buried at the home four months ago.

 “I couldn’t tell how a brother, whose body we had identified and buried could be alive,” Ouma said as quoted by Standard.

When he arrived at home, his family treated him with suspicion, leaving him wondering what was going on since no one wanted to move closer to him.

He later visited the nearest police post and was shocked when he was informed of his ‘death’ and ‘burial’.

The family is now working to establish the person buried at their home since it is not Ogolla.

The family now wants the government to help them exhume the body as it is not of their kin.

Meanwhile, Ogolla narrated that the confusion and his alleged death may have occurred after he left home with no explanation and proceeded to Port Victoria to take up fishing as a career.

His family could not trace him and were forced to report to the police who in turn commenced a search mission.

The police would later found a discomposed body on River Suo and after an identification exercise to it was alleged to be that of Ogolla.

Ogolla has requested his elders to perform cleansing rituals so that he can be allowed back home.

Here is the video: