Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has cautioned Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proponents against collecting signatures in Nandi County.

Addressing a gathering in the county, Governor Sang noted that Kenyans are dying from the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that the government should re-align its priorities.

He said it is unfortunate that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cannot cover Kenyan ailing from Covid-19 due to lack of funds, yet the government plans to spend billions of the BBI Constitutional amendment push.

In view of the above, the governor noted that those collecting the BBI signatures should not visit the county since no resident will give his/her signature.

“Most of Kenyans are covered through NHIF, this corona Covid-19 pandemic has brought untold suffering to many of us. Kenyans who have NHIF cover have been told by the national government that NHIF has no money to cover their medical expense arising out of Covid-19.It is unfortunate that the nation is leaving its people to their own vagaries while spend untold amount of resources campaigning for a document that they are telling us it will help Kenya yet we have a nation that needs to be helped right now from the corona pandemic.

“We want to ask the President, you need to reign in on your government and ensure the priorities are re-organised, let us battle and save lives of Kenyans suffering from corona virus then we can deal with issues of referendum and BBI once we have secured lives of Kenyans. I want to say in Nandi county we will not agree and we’ll not accept those signatures, mtu asijaribu kukuja kutafuta signatures hapa, hakuna mtu atapeana signature katika county yetu ya Nandi kwenda tafutia mahali ingine...” he said.

Last week, ODM leader Raila Odinga announced that collection of BBI signatures will begin this week across the country.