Economist David Ndii has accelartaed his attacks on President Uhuru Kenyatta's legacy in the wake of the ballooning debt.

According to Ndii, President Uhuru was never qualified for the presidency, noting that he should have vied for lower seats like Member of the County Assembly.  

Through his Twitter account, Ndii made the remarks in response to the issuance of the Huduma Card.  

This is after Information Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru noted that no government service would be issued without the Huduma Card as December 2021.  

Ndii noters that the Huduma Card would not be the president's legacy but the ballooning foreign debt.  

"Cabro pavements, ID cards, this jamaa should have been councillor or a chief. No mental bandwidth for the big national issues. No surprise that his legacy is Sh7trillion debt and white elephants," said Ndii.  

The economists stated that Jubilee Party had messed the country's economy, noting that it had ruined gains under retired President Mwai Kibaki.  

He stated that Kenyans would have to pay longer for the impact left behind by the Jubilee government.

"The good thing with economics is numbers don't lie. Here's just one. We paid KSh 9 billion interest on foreign debt last year of Kibaki. It's KSh 160 billion this year, 18 times! We are working for London banks and China," he added.

Over the recent past, Ndii has criticized President Uhuru, stating that he should retire as part of the dynasties. 

In the process, Ndii has thrown his weight behind Deputy President Wiliam Ruto. 

  "The hustler movement is an organic, populist insurgency, a blowback of Jubilee's economic failure. We have had a situation where Uhuru has been protecting the big businesses at the expense of the "small" people. A class war has been predicted in Kenya for a very long time," Ndii said.