A committee meeting ended abruptly after a senator posted an indecent comment during a Zoom session. 

Reports by the Standard indicated that some senators were using the Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature to send private messages to each other.

The meeting had been called to grill companies named in the controversial procurement of Covid-19 essentials to the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

"... “ni kama chairman amekula (name withheld)” (Looks like the chairman has slept with ...) and sent the message to the entire group," the publication wrote.

The Senator who had sent the message apologized but the chairman and the female senator were quick to leave the Zoom meeting.

“Mr Chairman, on a point of order, I want to apologise for what I have written. I was only joking with her and I did not wish to share it with everyone,” the senator who wrote the text said.

 Some senators tried to downplay the incident, saying there was nothing to apologise about and that the meeting should proceed.