Kenyans planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates will have to wait longer after the country suspended the issuance of visas. 

The gulf nation has suspended visa issuance to ten other countries that include Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

Kenya, alongside nine other countries, is yet to comment on the surprise directive from UAE.

By press time, only Pakistan had confirmed the suspension. The new suspension will not affect the existing visa holders. 

In the ban, the UAE did not reveal the affected visa categories. The ban is linked to coronavirus restriction by the UAE. 

In recent months, Kenya has been recording a surge in the number of cases. 

On Thursday, daily cases hit almost 1,5000, with the death toll hitting 1,300. Confirmed cases have also surpassed the 70,000 marks. 

At the onset of the virus, Kenyan officials cited the Dubai route as the main entry point for the virus into the country. 

The UAE has become a leading holiday destination for most Kenyans. Furthermore, most business people rely on the region for merchandise sold locally. 

The Kenyan Embassy in Abu Dhabi is yet to confirm whether it will also ban visa issuance for UAE nationals intending to visit the country.