The Teachers Service Commission has terminated the contracts of 59 tutors over different disciplinary issues.

The teachers will not resume school after the January 4 reopening.

The termination was arrived at after the teacher's employer conducted a virtual hearing for 177 cases. The cases have been pending the schools' closure inMarch.

Out of the 59 dismissed, 23 were new cases while 26 were reviews for various offenses, with TSC adopting the virtual hearing back in August. 

Among the offenses that led to the teachers being dismissed include misappropriation of funds and other ordinary crimes.

The commission's Director of Field Services, Mary Rotich, welcomed the virtual hearing's introduction that helped clear the cases.

"The hearing of discipline cases virtually was a milestone that supported dispensation of cases that had overstayed due to the Covid-19 containment measures that saw schedules for hearing cases face to face in the field for March up to June 2020 canceled," she noted.

Following the hearing, 45 teachers had their earlier dismissal and removal from the teachers' register upheld, with 16 new ones dismissed and struck out of the service.  

"We allow teachers to call their witnesses just like in face to face hearing. We give them the links just before the hearing begins and insist that they must show their faces during the entire hearing so that we may be sure we are dealing with the right person," said Beatrice Wababu, the commission's Head of Corporate Communications.

  Out of the 177 hearing, three teacher interdiction was revoked.