Students may be forced to take their classes under trees and in tents when school re-open in January, if the government does not invest in additional infrastructure for the learning institutions.

Speaking to a local publication on Sunday, school heads noted that infrastructure is the main challenge schools are facing ahead of the January 4, 2021 re-opening.

According to the head teachers, the current students in school are using more than half of the existing infrastructure in a bid to adhere to the social distancing guideline that requires a maximum of 25 students in one class.

Normally, most schools have between 40-60 students in one class.

For boarding schools, dormitories will pose a major challenge in January as the available space cannot accommodate all the students and provide room for social distancing.

According to Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association Chairman Kahi Indimuli, schools will have to adopt creative ways to ensure students learn when the institutions re-open.

“For classrooms, schools may be creative enough and provide tents where students can take their lessons, but it will be difficult to shift learners to spend their nights in tents, they will have to use the available dormitories.

“Social distancing remains the greatest challenge for all schools and we will have to ensure that learners observe more of the hand washing and wearing of quality face masks while in school,” he told Nation.