The National Assembly on Thursday evening rejected the nomination of a 26-year-old close associate of Migori Governor Okoth Obado to the office of the registrar of political parties.

The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) in its findings found the political science 2017 graduate not meeting most of the requirements for appointment into office, raising concerns on the criteria used to nominate the youth leader.

According to the JLAC findings, the nominee was a close associate of governor Okoth Obado and had barely attained two years of work experience.

To be appointed into office, the law requires that one has to accumulate at least 10 years of relevant work experience. 

JLAC vice chair Otiende Amollo wondered how the public service commission may have allowed the fresh graduate to interview for the post and even went ahead to recommend his name to the President for nomination.

"This nominee admitted to having been involved as the youth leader for the governor up until the date of applying for this position. We found it difficult to rationalize it with non-partsanship," the committee chairperson Otiende Amollo told the house.

Out of the nine persons nominated by the president, the candidate was in all areas trailing and could not convince the committee despite being a person living with dissability.

Minority Leader John Mbadi, also serving as the ODM Chairman weighed in on the president's nominee. He lauded the committee for rejecting the nominee.

"If the criteria is 10 years of post graduate experience, how on earth does a person who does not even have two years of post qualification experience pass the interviews stage. You are not even supposed to have appeared at the interviews," stated Mbadi.

The house unanimously approved the nomination of Anne Nderitu as the new registrar of political parties after several years of serving in acting capacity.