Unscrupulous businessmen could be minting profits out of used condoms which they collect, clean with hot water and reshape before sending them back to their unsuspecting users.

Reuters on Thursday reported the busting of such a ring that has been reselling used condoms in Vietnam.

Accordig to Vietnam state media, the officers confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new.

Vietnam Television (VTV this week carried footage from a warehouse where thousands of the used contraceptives were being prepared for release to the market.

The protective gear were nabbed in the Southern Province of Binh Duong and owners of the consigment were unavailable to speak to the media.

Media reports indicated that the bags weighed over 360 kilograms. 

The warehouse operator said they had received a “monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person with the number of the recycled condoms that had already been sold remaining unclear.

One of the persons arrested in the raid told the police that the used condoms were boiled in water then dried and reshaped on a wooden phallus before being repackaged and resold.

The detainee had been contracted to obtain the used condoms and could make an equivalent of Ksh20 for every kilogramme of recycled condoms she produced.