It has now emerged that the BBI secretariat is working to ensure that the signature collection process does not flop like the 2015 Okoa Kenya initiative by ODM. 

The Okoa Kenya initiative was fronted by Raila Odinga, who was seeking to push for constitutional changes. 

The initiative was unsuccessful after it emerged that some of the signatures could not be verified. 

With the BBI signature collection, coordinators will be appointed in every county and constituency to work with the government machinery to get the signatures.

The same team—largely composed of unelected personalities—will be expected to canvass and explain to voters what is contained in the bill for buy-in by public members.

The precision is aimed at ensuring the entire process flows smoothly without hitches. 

The team needs to collect at least one million signatures before being considered for a referendum. 

Furthermore, the BBI team seeks to involve the national government administration officers to ward off politicians' interests.

The signature collection will be launched officially on Wednesday, November 25, at the Kenyatta International Convention Center by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. 

"We don't want politicians who are likely to break Covid-19 rules. Some were already forming committees. It is the coordinators who will decide on the teams that are going to help them execute this job," said John Mbadi, the ODM chairperson. 

Persons agreeing with the proposed amendments would be required to state their name, ID number, county, constituency, county assembly ward, polling station, phone number, and email addresses.