A report from the Teachers Service Commission has highlighted how the Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the teaching fraternity. 

According to TSC, 36 teachers have succumbed to the virus since the country reported the first case. 

The report adds that 145 teachers visited the hospital seeking medication for Covid-19 related complications in the past one week.

Notably, November recorded the highest number of casualties at 19. 11 teachers passed away in October, while September recorded three deaths.

The teacher's employer further noted that Minet insurance had recorded a surge in the number of teachers seeking Covid-19 testing and treatment.

TSC has contracted Minet to offer insurance cover for teachers.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia noted that teachers' Covid-19 treatment would be catered for by the government. 

On Tuesday, November 24, the death toll from the virus rose to 1,409 after 17 more patients succumbed to the disease. The total number of positive cases stood at 78,512, while the full recoveries were 52,709.

"It is now clear that our numbers have been rising at an alarming rate and just to jog your minds, the positivity rate has been fluctuating between 14% and 20%," said Health CAS Dr. Mercy Mwangangi.

At the same time, 806 patients have recovered from the disease, 701 from the Home-Based Care Program, while 105 have been discharged from various hospitals.