Hours after the second autopsy on the body of the late Hillary Memusi Sankok was concluded, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations sleuths are planning to prosecute nominated MP David Sankok.

According to reports, the DCI is planning to charge Sankok with the improper storage of his firearm.

This is after a forensic pathology carried out by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor together with other pathologists revealed that Sankok's son might have indeed shot himself dead.

It was reported that the late 15-year-old form three boy could have used a short gun to end his life.

The forensic examiners found out that the bullet entered through the left side of the head just above the ear, and exited from the left side.

DCI's ballistic examinations on Sankok's shotgun showed that it indeed discharged the bullet that killed Memusi, as 8 pellets from the gun were discovered from the boy’s body and at the crime scene.

The gun's spent cartridge which had not been found at the scene of the crime was immediately located by the detectives wedged in the shotgun’s chamber.

It was also established that the shotgun is 69cm long and it is shorter than the boy’s left hand and this, therefore, shows it is possible he may have shot himself. Detectives have also taken some samples for further investigations. The body has already been released to the family for burial arrangements. 

{File image of the late Memusi Sankok}

However, Sankok is expected to be charged with improper storage of the firearm. According to the DCI detectives who spoke to a local publication, the MP will be charged immediately after his son’s burial.

If found guilty, the MP shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to a fine not exceeding Sh10,000 or to both as the law stipulates.

The first post-mortem was conducted on May, 3, a day after he died at Longisa hospital in Bomet county.