Deputy President William Ruto's spokesperson Emmanuel Talam has shed more light on why the leader failed to attend the BBI signature launch event on Wednesday.

During the event, Ruto was not available despite a seat being reserved for him. However, he was not listed among people who were to speak. 

However, according to Talam, the DP was not invited to the event, and he followed the proceeding on television like a majority of Kenyans. 

"Ruto was not invited to the event. If anybody claims to have invited him, let him show you the invitation letter," Talam said. 

The DP's name was also missing in the program, which fueled reports that he would not be present at the event.

"It is the event organizers who are supposed to tell you whether they invited him, not us explaining why we are not in attendance," the spokesperson added.

The DP has been at the forefront of calling into question some of the document's contentious proposals. Ruto has been calling for consensus to avoid a contested referendum. 

"Even with the signature launch, there is still a real chance at a consensus for a non-divisive referendum that will allow Kenyans to express themselves without us vs them, win vs lose contest. Unity is the strength needed to fight Covid-19 and organise the economy," he said.

The event saw the commencement of BBI signature collection exercise where President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga appended their signatures.