The ruling Jubilee Party has fired at Deputy President William Ruto over the county economic forums that he is holding in the country.

In a statement on its social media handles, Jubilee chided Ruto saying it is ironical for him to hold meetings aimed at formulating economic agenda yet he has been the DP.

Jubilee party termed the agenda being formulated by the DP’s team as weird.

{Deputy President WilLiam Ruto in a county economic forum. IMAGE: COURTESY}

"It is confounding that a Presidential candidate who has been campaigning for his August 2022 bid for five years whilst selling weird economic models is now holding town hall meetings to formulate his economic agenda and manifesto literally days to the election."

According to the ruling Jubilee, the DP is "agendaless, clueless, rudderless and ghost worker".

The attack by the ruling Jubilee comes even as the DP holds County economic forums across the county.

Ruto has been using the meeting to listen to the grievances of the people and formulate a manifesto centred on their needs