Governor Lee Kinyanjui on Saturday morning sparked a debate on social media after claiming that the election was decided after the two leading presidential candidates picked their running mates.

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga picked Martha Karua as his running mate while Deputy President William Ruto named Rigathi Gachagua as his deputy. 

The Nakuru Governor seemed to suggest that the undecided voters in the Mt Kenya region had tilted towards Odinga's presidency after Karua was named his deputy. 

"Any seasoned observer will tell you that this election was decided on Monday when the top coalitions named their running mates. Interestingly, the Mt Kenya region, with over 7 million votes, had the highest undecided block pending the Monday declaration.

"The choice of the respective running mates was the much awaited signal for the undecided Mt Kenya voters, who constitute the biggest chunk. That Martha Karua has carried the hopes and aspirations of the region is a no-brainer. From women, church and the youth, hope is loading. The nation has longed for a marthaly and hygienic political discourse devoid of drama and pettiness. She has ably captured the mood of a nation hungry for change," part of the statement read. 

Governor Lee's statement attracted diverse opinions from netizens on social media.

A section of Netizens seemed to agree with his opinion that fortunes for the former Prime Minister had changed significantly in his favor in the Mt Kenya region. 

Another section castigated Governor saying that the Mt Kenya region would still vote for DP Ruto despite Karua's nomination. 

Some on his page urged him to focus on retaining the Nakuru governor seat instead of the national politics.