80 KCSE candidates from Matungulu Boys High School, Kangundo Sub County have reportedly left the school stating that they are tired of learning and the strict rules imposed on them by the school administration.

According to media reports, the 80 students peacefully walked out of the school on Wednesday after boycotting meals.

Following the walkout, the institution has remained with 36 students.

Speaking to the media, some of the students who left the institution noted that the administration was too tough on them, and had taken away some of their privileges including entertainment sessions, thus the decision to leave.

“We are tired of studying. The principal has been too strict and has been denying us our rights. We prefer to stay at home and only come to do our examinations when the time comes,” one of the students told the media.

Speaking to Standard, the school Principal claimed that those candidates who walked out did not want to follow the guidelines set by the school’s administration.

“Those who walked out of the school are suffering from ‘freestyle’ kind of living where they don’t want to adhere to basic regulations for conducive learning. We will remain firm and as a school, we will not entertain any indiscipline that threatens smooth learning,” Matungulu Boys Principal Joseph Makau said.

He further noted that parents whose children walked out of school have been notified of the same.