A section of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have accused the government of hatching a plt to rig the 2022 election using the Huduma Namba.

Speaking in Kajiado on Thursday, the leaders read malice in the government’s move to contract a foreign company to oversee the Huduma Namba implementation exercise.

According to the leaders, the government will allegedly rig the elections by the help of foreigners.

“We have heard that in this Huduma Namba they have brought foreigners to come help them steal, and we know it is not money only that they want to steal, they also want to steal our votes…,” Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika said.

(Hivo tunaskia kwa hii Huduma Namba wameleta wala wazungu kutoka njee wakuje wawasaidie kuiba na tunajua sio pesa tu wanataka kuiba pia wanapanga kuiba kura.

On his part, Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro claimed that the foreigner have come to the country to start planning on how to steal the elections.

DP Ruto steers clear of rigging debate

Despite his allies concentrating on the rigging claims, the DP steered clear of the issue, choosing to warn county commissioners and other government officials against engaging in politics.

According to the DP, state officers should focus on ensuring the government services are rendered to citizens.