Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have met with Monica, a woman who took advantage of the viral ‘Pishori Babes’ to market her business.

Taking it to social media on Thursday, May 26, DCI said that Monica, alias Mama Pishori was one of their biggest followers.

Monica works at Top Grade Rice Millers in Mwea, along the Nairobi-Embu highway and DCI visited her to appreciate her support.

“Our detectives on routine duties met Mama Pishori, who is one of our biggest followers, busy at work at Top Grade Rice Millers in Mwea, along the Nairobi-Embu highway.

“As a caring and responsive institution that appreciates the feedback we receive from our followers from across the country and beyond, we visited Monica to appreciate her for her support,” DCI stated.

The directorate further said that it had approved that Monica’s rice was 100% pure pishori encouraging members of the public near Monica’s firm to promote her business.

“And yes we have approved Monica’s rice as 100% pure pishori rice and encourage our readership using the Embu-Nairobi Highway to visit Top Grade Rice Millers and promote our local farmers,” DCI added.

This comes after the DCI uncovered a ring of women who spiked men’s drinks at entertainment joints, an act that is infamously known as ‘kuwekewa mchele’.

The ring of women ran the Pishori Empire’ which was headed by Samwel Mugota, a man who was shot dead six times at Mirema Drive in Kasarani.

The drugs used for spiking drinks are dubbed ‘mchele’ due to their tiny size which resembles that of a grain of rice.