Police in Merti Sub-County, Isiolo County, have apprehended nine suspected militants in the area and recovered an assortment of weapons and ammunition.

In a social media post on Thursday, May 26, the National Police Service said that the nine were arrested following a security operation in the area on Wednesday.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) in Kom area, Merti Sub-County, Isiolo County our security team came into contact with a suspected militia group which was overpowered and a number of recoveries made.

“6 AK47 rifles, 1 FN firearm, 16 magazines, a pair of Jungle Police uniform and several rounds of ammunition. Nine militia members were also apprehended and are currently in custody,” NPS stated.

According to NPS, security officers from Merti Sub-County have been working jointly with the GSU and Quick Response Unit to beef up security in the area and restore peace.

This comes even as the ‘Rejesha Amani Marsabit’ operation continues in neighbouring Marsabit County following frequent banditry attacks in the area.

NPS stated on Thursday that the operation has so far paid off with 110 rifles and 1231 rounds of ammunition being recovered among other crude weapons.

“The 'Rejesha Amani Marsabit' security operation continues to pay off as the team conducting the operation has now netted a total of 110 rifles, one pistol and 1231 rounds of ammunitions among other crude weapons that were illegally held by members of the public,” NPS stated.