Chief Justice David Maraga has shared a glimpse of his personal views and relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Speaking on Friday, Maraga stated that contrary to public opinion, he has nothing personal against the Head of State.

Maraga, who was delivering a speech on the state of the judiciary, noted that he has always respected President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Head of State. 

After Maraga nullified Uhuru’s win during the 2017 presidential election, there were fears of bad blood between the two leaders. 

" To our President, wherever you are, it is clear that there is a difference of opinion between you and me. But I want to assure you, and the entire nation, that I have nothing personal against you," he said.

"To the contrary, as you know, Mr. President, I have given you respect as our Head of State. Why would I want to fight you, as some people are suggesting? I am apolitical, and I hold no brief for any politician. The Security and the Intelligence Services can assure you of that, and I am sure they have assured you of that."

He said that after the Supreme Court nullified the 2017 presidential elections, Uhuru is on record saying he will revisit the matter. True to his word, the Judiciary budget was reduced substantially in 2018.

According to Maraga, it's a miracle that they have managed to deliver justice in such circumstances.

The Chief Justice commended judges and magistrates for reducing the case backlog to 617,582 as of June 2020.