Msambweni Parliamentary aspirant Sharlet Mariam Akinyi has hit out at Deputy President William Ruto after he hosted a rival candidate named Feisal Bader.

Mariam accused the DP of double standards claiming that he vowed to fight against the dynasties but is now working with them against her.

“… I have seen a lot of double standards. On one hand he says the poor people must be heard and respected but when he comes to Msambweni he wants us to play inheritance politics. The people of Msambweni are the one who were bereaved, its not a family affair… It is so sad that a woman is repressed when she stands out to fight for an equal right. I am ready to face all men. Dynasties or no dynasties,” Mariam said.

Mariam was a member of the ODM party but decamped to Jubilee hoping to vie on the party’s ticket.

However, she was dealt a blow early this week when the party announced that it will not be fielding a candidate in the upcoming election.

Ruto Accepts Jubilee’s Move to Pull out of Msambweni poll

Speaking after the party announced that it had pulled out of the Msambweni contest, the DP expressed his displeasure with the party’s the decision, adding that he will accept it, but it was not the right one.

According to DP Ruto, he was of the opinion that the party should field a candidate, especially since Mariam who had expressed interest in contesting for the seat on a Jubilee party ticket.

“We have held a meeting with the SG (Raphael Tuju) on the decision made. I am satisfied with the decision. Those who had intentions to use Jubilee Party in Msambweni to use alternative avenues. I was of a completely different view that the party should have fielded a candidate. We want to speak from one position as a party, I, however, sympathize with Mariam who is here,” he said.