ODM leader Raila Odinga has weighed in on Deputy President William Ruto’s change of heart regarding the Building Bridges Initiative Constitutional Amendment push.

In an interview with Sunday Nation, Odinga termed the DP’s move as insecure, noting that he did the same during the 2010 referendum where he signed the Naivasha Declaration but later made a U-turn and opposed the referendum.

“He is following his 2010 script when he signed the Naivasha Declaration only to turn around and campaign for 'No'… We ended up with a contested referendum but still won. That's his nature, but it is his democratic right to oppose," stated the former Prime Minister,” he said.

On the issue of having an uncontested BBI referendum and including new proposals by the DP and other stakeholders, Raila noted that the BBI team had been collecting views for two years, and any leader with suggestions ought to have presented them back then.

“He had a chance to give his views to the task force to be captured in the final report but he squandered it…Those having a change of mind, like Ruto, are welcome to join. They say if you can't beat them, join them," he opined.

Over the weekend, the DP appeared to have made a U-turn on the BBI referendum noting that he has a Constitutional duty to support the President in all his tasks.

"I've a constitutional duty to assist my boss, the president. We've made improvements to BBI post Bomas. Now working on consensus for Kenyans to have real choices to decide/vote while avoiding yes/no, all/nothing division. We avoided lose-lose we can overcome win-lose to achieve win-win,” he said.