It has emerged a class eight pupil in Machakos county strangled her classmate in an alleged love triangle.

The incident involving pupils from Kaitha Primary Schools occurred as the country was awaiting the launch of the BBI signature collection. 

Police have already apprehended the suspect who is awaiting a mental assessment test before being arraigned on Tuesday. 

According to witnesses, the girl allegedly undressed her victim to make it look like a rape after strangling her using a brown rope.

The suspect is believed to have hidden the rope in an envelope before hiding it in a bush nearby the victim’s parents' home. 

Records indicate that the suspect is 14 years old while the victim is a 15-year old girl. 

“The suspect pointed out the murder weapon, a strong rope, brown in color, which was about 150 metres away from the crime scene. The rope was hidden under dry thorny bushes after she used it to strangle the deceased,” said a police statement.

The incident comes as a record number of minors are committing crimes across the country.

The situation has been fuelled by the fact that schools were closed in March as a preventive measure to curb Covid-19.

Data from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) show that 242 youth have been arrested in various towns engaging in illegal activities.

The towns of Nairobi, Kisii, Homa Bay, Mararal, Kisumu, Webuye are leading in the number of youth who are engaging in illegal activities.

Cases of minors being arrested for indulging in alcohol and sexual activities.