Narok Senator Ledama Olekina has opined that Kenya is officially broke with her debt burden rising to Sh9 Trn.

In a tweet on Monday, Senator Ledama noted that Kenya is not at the right place economically, giving an example of KENGEN and Kenya Power which are in some form of a cold war.

According to the Senator, Kengen is working towards selling power directly to the consumer hence denying Kenya power the opportunity to repay its debt approximated to be worth Sh120 Bn.

In a bold move, the senator noted that he will not been surprised to hear that Equity Bank and Standard Charted Kenya have taken over the ownership of Kenya Power.

“We are officially broke! 9Trillion Debt! KPLC operating on a deficit of 120B now @KenGenKenya wants to sell power directly to deny KPLC cash to repay the debt. Soon @KeEquityBank and @StanChartKE will own @KenyaPower the these are not signs of a failed government then ???” he posted.

Meanwhile, the vocal senator has maintained that he will not support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum unless some contentious proposals are amended.

He singled out Article 203 on the equitable sharing of revenue noting that he will only support BBI if the section is amended.

“You’ll so happy about the BBI right ? Unless the amendment to article 203 are removed I will not support it! That’s my solid stand! Now you know! You can’t take money away from pastoralist and expect me to be happy! There you have it! This ain’t nothing but a gangster party!” he tweeted.