Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana has issued more details on the alleged tracking of his phones. 

Last week, Kibwana claimed that his house was under surveillance from drones while his electronics had been compromised. 

Speaking on Tuesday, the governor revealed that before receiving calls, they are redirected to a female recipient first. 

He further claimed that he wanted to shoot down the drones hovering at his home but concerns emerged over repercussions from the owner. 

According to Kibwana his opposition towards the BBI is behind the alleged surveillance on his household. He has maintained that BBI is a poison that must be rejected by Kenyans.

“Even when you called me, the phone call was going to somebody else, a lady was answering the phone which I had in my hands. There are drones hovering over my place…we wanted to shoot one of them but we warned that if we shoot it the owner would come for us,” said Kibwana

“Kenyans must know this is poison and they do not want to drink poison because they don’t want to die,” he added. 

The governor further opined that some leaders are pushing for the BBI to rise to power in 2022.

“I think there are people who want power in 2022 and they have decided that the best way to get power is to do this ‘Constitution’ so that it can get them to that destination,” said Kibwana.

 Kibwana recently joined Kericho and Nandi counties in seeking the court's interpretation on how the 2010 Constitution should be amended.