Egerton University lecturers have today gone on rampage over the reinstatement of embattled Prof Rose Mwonya as the institution’s Vice Chancellor (VC).

Angered by the decision to reinstate Prof Mwonya, the lecturers took it upon themselves to ensure that she does not acces her office.

They blocked roads leading to her office using stones, wood planks and other material as they chanted "Mwonya must go" slogans.

Folowing the disorderliness at the institution, anti-riot police were dispersed to the campus to restore order.

The riot comes barely a day after the Labour and Employ Relations Court reinstated Prof Mwonya as Egerton University VC.

Mwonya had been sent packing by the University Council but successful challenged the decision in court.

The court directed that the decision to oust Prof Mwonya be suspended pending the hearing and determination of the case.

"Pending the hearing of this application, the court is pleased to issue interim orders suspending the decision dated November 13, 2020 that purports to send ex parte applicant on leave with direction to hand over her role as vice chancellor to Prof Isaac Kibwage, in its entirety," Justice Hellen Wasilwa ordered.

Meanwhile, Prof Mwonya’s term is scheduled to end in 2021.

Here is the video of the lecturers' protesting: