Deputy President William Ruto has explained why he is submitting his proposals to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) secretariat now, yet the team moved across the country collecting views for the past two years.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV, Ruto noted that as the Deputy President, he has an obligation to support his boss the President in all his roles including amending the Constitution.

He further noted that the Constitution affects all Kenyans including him, and as such, he cannot keep quiet and watch things go wrong.

“This is a constitution-making process. The Constitution is about every Kenyan, me included. If it is being amended, I do not have the luxury to stand aside and do nothing about it…I do not want history to judge me for not stepping out to speak out,” he said.

The DP alluded to the fact that he might have distanced himself from the BBI process due to what he termed as changing the agenda midway.

He claimed that the original BBI plan was to create a team to craft a roadmap for uniting the country following the divisive 2017 election and not amending the Constitution.

 “I participated in the nomination of those who are in the BBI committee… The original agreement was that there were no constitutional changes but along the way, things can happen and I have no problem with that…My boss, the President, is involved in this process. It is my duty to ensure that I make my contribution to make the process succeed,” he said.

He re-affirmed his initial position that it is not too late to amend the BBI document, adding that consensus is key in the push for the constitutional amendment.