Jubilee Party Deputy Chairman David Murathe has divulged that the party cannot whip Deputy President Willam Ruto over what many consider as opposition to its key decisions.

Speaking during an interview with KTN News, Murathe noted that the Jubilee disciplinary council can whip all other members in the party other than the Party Leader President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto.

Explain why the two have been excluded, he noted that Uhuru and Ruto are the ones who brought them together, and as such they are a no go zone.

“The Deputy President and the President who are the Party leader and deputy party leader are the ones who brought us all together, we don’t go there but the rest of them, the members of the NEC, Majority leader like Duale we had to remove… but not those two,” he said.

Regarding the DP’s calls for amended of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, Murtahe noted that chapter was closed long ago and is no longer possible since the mandate of the BBI taskforce ended after they presented the final report in Bomas.

Meanwhile, the DP on his part maintained that it is not late to do the right thing, calling for additional amendments and consensus on the BBI document.

On several occasions, the DP has been on opposite sides with his party with the latest being the BBI referendum push and the decision to not to field a candidate in Msambweni.