The leader of the Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga has now declared his focus on ensuring his push triumphs over those opposed to constitutional reforms.

The ODM leader on Friday said anti-reforms campaigners were keen to scuttle the drive to have amendments to the constitution saying he was ready for a confrontation. 

He told and ODM National Executive Committee Meeting that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report was scheduled for release soon, urging his troops to be ready for a major face-off.

He stated that forces that have always opposed change; who he termed as voices of impunity thriving on corruption and outright lies, had already lined up against the report.

"Those dark forces are already working hard to cause fear and disharmony among our citizens, they are corrupting our people with stolen money and they are beating the drums of war all in a bid to scuttle change. We must stop them from dragging the country into anarchy," stated Mr Odinga.

He went further to indicate that in the coming months, Kenyans will witness a major confrontation with the beneficiaries of the proceeds of corruption who he said were arraigned against the agenda for a radical socio-economic transformation.

According to Mr Odinga, his camp must win against those opposed to reforms.

“In ODM, we take pride that right from birth about 14 years ago, we have always cleared new pathways and opened new roads so that Kenya and Kenyans can move forward. That is a mission we shall never shy from or abandon,” stated Mr Odinga.

He used the event to assure the senior party officials of his commitment to ensuring that the BBI agenda succeeds.

Leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto have publicly dismissed the plans by Mr Odinga and President Kenyatta to lead the nation into a referendum. 

Ruto on the other hand has openly disagreed with President Kenyatta on the matter. According to the DP, the intended constitutional changes were not a priority to Kenyans.